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Positive Perspective Shift

When looking at a photograph, what’s the first thing you notice? Do you immediately focus on someone’s pot belly or discoloured teeth? When you post a photo of yourself where your skin isn’t perfect, do people tend to comment on your acne or freckles? This isn’t how we are naturally wired; it’s something we have […]

Starting Strong Matters

Surely, the end result of any endeavour is vital, but it is equally essential to recognize the value of the journey that leads to that endpoint. While it is true that a strong finish can leave a lasting impression, the way we start can often make all the difference in determining our success or failure. […]

Solve problems immediately 

When I was young, I once cut my thumb while building a replica car from discarded tins. I was scared of how much Grandma would scold me, so I hid it. Days passed, and it became swollen and filled with pus. It was so painful that I couldn’t sleep, and I cried all night until […]

Happiness is Contagious 

One day, I set out to town as a happy man. I smiled at everyone I met, and people smiled back at me. Such a simple gesture changed their mood to a brighter one.  Some even asked if I knew them. People became more friendly towards me and were willing to engage in conversations with […]

Creating a Positive Culture

In primary school, we were taught that culture refers to the way a group of people live, including their customs, traditions, beliefs, and values. A country can have its own distinct culture, as can various tribes, households, and companies. When a particular action is normalized, it becomes integrated into daily life, regardless of whether it […]

Improving Environment for Growth

When you plant something and it doesn’t flourish, it could be due to unfavorable conditions. The soil may lack necessary nutrients, or the weather may not be suitable. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem with the plant itself. Similarly, when we find ourselves stuck or unable to progress, it’s worth considering whether our […]

Believe in yourself first

Believing in yourself is crucial, especially when embarking on a new journey, such as starting your own business. At first, few people may believe in you, and you may hear discouraging words or stories of failure designed to scare you. Sacrifices, such as dropping out of college or rejecting a job offer, may also raise […]

Motivation Finds You When You Are in Motion

The Power of Momentum Motivation is a crafty thing. Some days, it comes easily, and I feel like I could conquer the world. You’ll see me as the most productive human on Earth. Superpower mode activated! On other days, though, I struggle to get out of bed. Do you go through this cycle too? Then […]