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New Year Resolutions Are For Losers

By fiifi DZANSI We are here again. The end of the year. The number one thing on most people’s minds is how to make the next year better. Hence the new year resolutions.  What makes it a worrying situation is that many are now going to reflect on their lives to see what went wrong […]

Let’s Go Organic

By fiifi DZANSI We can all become organic farmers/gardeners. Commercial farming practices, including the use of fertiliser and pesticides, are not sustainable. We are losing much of our bee population and other organisms. It’s worrying. Some have switched to organic farming. That’s where the trend must head if we are serious about climate change. Crops […]

Attributing Success Of An Ewe To Juju Is Not Funny

By fiifi DZANSI 23rd November 2021. Keta Senior High Technical School (Ketasco) made it to the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) finals. They strolled past Wesley Girls SHS and Tamale SHS in the semifinals.  Twitter went boom! Amid the drama, there were claims that Ketasco had the aid of Juju and ancestors such as Togbe […]

Twitter Needs To Change As Jack Steps Down As CEO

By fiifi DZANSI Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal takes over as CEO as Jack Dorsey steps down from the position. Jack Dorsey has been criticised for running the social media platform halfheartedly. When Donald Trump’s account got suspended on Twitter, Jack was reportedly chilling on a private island somewhere. In recent years, Twitter has fallen behind some […]

COVID: South Africa Is Being Punished For Identifying Omicron

by fiifi DZANSI There’s a new variant of COVID-19 on the block. It’s Omicron.Scientists say it spreads very fast. But we need a little more data to know what we’re actually up against. Omicron was first discovered by scientists in South Africa. This is an effort that deserves worldwide applause. But it’s not meant to […]

You’re Not Self-Made

By fiifi DZANSI Certain people are often referred to as self-made billionaires.On the surface, it means they did not inherit their wealth but worked had to earn it all. Is it reasonable to say someone is self-made? I find it awkward that there’s such a thing. No individual makes it on their own. The wealthy […]

Let’s Share The Same Canteen

By fiifi DZANSI I had an internship with a renowned textile company in Ghana years ago. It was a dream come true. I learned many design practices and principles from this institution. However, something upset me. The canteen. This is what happens there. Management has a different canteen from the junior staff including the factory […]

Living Today Now – the power in positive thinking

By fiifi DZANSI The key to happiness is living in today, not tomorrow or yesterday. Where are you living? This is an important question my psychologist, Dr Eric Howusu-Kumi, asked me. It opened my eyes instantly to the power of positive living. He has written a book with the title ‘Living Now – the power […]

TV Series Ruin Fascinating Stories

By fiifi Dzansi Tv series are made to run longer than movies and keep viewers at the edge of their seats.What makes these visual creations a success is mostly suspense. There’s always something delightful to look forward to. I usually don’t get past the first season.I feel the juice dries out by the end of […]