A professor who teaches in one of the prestigious universities in Ghana goes about his shopping with much caution.

With a detailed list in hand, he walks from shelf to shelf in the mall and checks each product carefully. What he checks seriously is the expiry date.

He believes that buying an expired product is worse than buying an inferior one.

Procuring tools, materials, and equipment for your startup may be a daunting task because of the time and money involved.

While startups want to buy quality products, they may not have all the funds for brand new products.
They have to purchase secondhand products.

Used products are affordable and easy to obtain.

The downside.
Some of these preowned products are expired or are in the twilight of their shelf-life.

Also, everything created by man doesn’t last forever. A shiny-looking preowned MacBook Pro may have been overused and have defects that could cause many problems for your business further down the line.

Above all, check every preowned product you need to see whether they have more years to live and if they’d give you great value for your money.