Work hard. Work with nice people.
Always create something cool to help humanity.

Who we are

MOJAKA is an Accra based graphic design studio with a social mission. We create design solutions that add value to life and help move businesses forward. We love to collaborate with with like-minded people – those who strive to push the boundaries.

Our story

We spent some of our childhood years in a village where nobody bought toys for us to play with. To be happy as children, we created games, puppets, adventures, toys, storybooks, competitions, plays – anything that kept the mind positively occupied for ourselves and friends. It warmed our hearts to see the impact we had on people’s lives.
This is where our love for design – making stuff  to make life better – originated from.

Our social impact

We use a percentage of our profit to promote the safe use of medicines, good health and great living across various mediums. Read more here.

What we do

We love to work on a variety of design projects.



Logo design



Type design


Writing (all things including WhatsApp messages)


Social media



Lovenimation (making love move)

We take on side projects that help us to explore and experiment with new methods, techniques and approaches. We use the experience gained to enrich client work. You can purchase our work here.

illustration mojaka


Fiifi Dzansi

Fiifi Dzansi


When the 1980s were trudging towards the twilight days, and "That’s What Friends Are For" by Dionne & Friends was on top of the billboard chat, Fiifi, a primary two (or three or four) pupil first visited the library. He was so astounded by the books - their colour, design, typography, words... smell. From then, he knew exactly what he wanted to be - not a doctor, not a pilot, not a bank manager, not an astronaut - a DESIGNER.
And that’s the path he’s been treading ever since.

Worlanyo Dzansi

Worlanyo Dzansi


For him life was full of observing, designing and making. It was a period where every fascinating object found in the environment had to be greatly observed. He would observe how the roaches crawl, how the mice squeaked. He would not go to bed without making a prototype of the building he saw at the outskirt of the town or testing the tow truck he made from the empty food cans he picked from grandpa’s dining table.
This nurtured in his heart the love for science, art, design, technology, music.

Lively Talk

Let’s collaborate and create something awesome. Or perhaps sit together and talk over coffee.

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