worker fetching sand with a shovel

Working in haste.

Several construction works are ongoing across the country in this time of year. You’d see Labourers either patching potholes, scraping out shallow gutters or spreading thin layers of asphalt on neighbourhood roads.

It happens every four years for an apparent reason. Promises made years ago are now getting their fulfillment. Possibly, funds for such projects arrived late or more urgent challenges needed addressing. Whatever the reasons, these projects tend to become shoddy and would be desperately in need of repairs a couple of years later.

Working in haste only worsens problems.

Someone needs it to influence others to be on their side. It’s a bargaining chip.

Good quality work takes time. Ideas take time to come to fruition. If you hasten them, they’d flake. We live in a fast-moving world. Clients need their work ASAP. It’s tempting to accept any job that comes your way while compromising quality.

Unlike the construction works described earlier, your best work reels in quality clients and vice versa. You can’t have all the time to produce your signature work. So you may learn to work fast and be efficient. A good practice is to accept work that brings out the best in you and be realistic with deadlines.

Be comfortable with saying no to work that ruin your reputation because you may not have a second chance to do it right.