The World’s Coolest Dad


An Ode to Fathers: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes

When my father passed away, I was a mere four years old, too young to truly get to know him. Yet, amidst the stories that surround his memory, one thing stood out – he was unafraid in the kitchen and loved his family with a depth that left an indelible mark on those who knew him.

In our world today, there are countless remarkable fathers who, like my own, often go unnoticed and uncelebrated. While we may have heard of songs that pay tribute to mothers, exemplary fathers too deserve their moment in the spotlight. I can recall only one such song, the late Luther Vandross’s ‘Dance with My Father.’

This illustration project is a heartfelt tribute to all the incredible dads who may not always receive the recognition they so rightfully deserve.

Mand spending time with his pregnant wife
A dad changing the diapers of his son