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Ein Bunter Bund Mit Ghana eV

Illustration // lettering // Print Design  // Writing

Ein Bunter Bund Mit Ghana: Bridging Continents, Transforming Lives

Ein Bunter Bund Mit Ghana, an NGO established in Germany, extends its compassionate hand to support handpicked private schools in Ghana. Their initiative comes to life by showcasing and selling authentic Ghanaian artefacts at local markets across Germany.

Our Creative Mission

Our mission was to craft custom letterings and illustrations inspired by profound African proverbs, with the intent to imprint them onto tote bags. These proverbs offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of African wisdom and culture, infusing each tote with both visual and philosophical depth.

Weaving Adinkra Symbols into the Design

In our creative process, we thoughtfully incorporated Adinkra symbols into our designs. These symbols, rooted in Ghanaian culture, hold unique meanings and provide an additional layer of significance to our work.

Ein Bunter Bund Mit Ghana: Where Creativity Meets Compassion, Uniting Worlds.

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pillow with designs
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canvas tote bag with love design