A beautiful woman with afro hair

Beauty is how fabulous people feel inside.

The Stereotype

A woman is walking down the street to work. She wears very tight-fitting clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination. With every step, her behind swings from here to there. And the sunlight glows through her long synthetic Brazilian hair. 

All men are distracted by this woman. Nearby, a young man in a black suit stumbles and falls in a gutter while a woman smacks her husband on the head for staring at this woman.

This is the cliché story beauty brands constantly tell us on our screens. By objectifying women as sex dolls and lying that women only look beautiful to please men, they hope to hook the attention of men and sell more products.

Depressingly, society has programmed us to only acknowledge the physical appearance of women.

What Beauty Means To Women

Unless a woman has the business of attracting men for money, women don’t look beautiful for men. 

My wife looks in the mirror after wearing her favourite dress. With the perfect makeup, she finds herself looking gorgeous. Then she’d dance with joy for a moment before walking out the door. Her confidence soars. 

Primarily, it’s not about how I feel but how she feels. 

That’s the true power of beauty.