King spoke with a unique 'brand voice'

Brand voice is a way of communication unique to a business.

According to many sources, “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King Jr is one of the greatest speeches ever delivered.

People’s fondness for this speech is not because of King’s sweet vocal quality but the power of his words. We are not liberated from the cold hands of racism and injustice yet. So the relevance of his speech is as strong as when he first gave it. 

King gave several other speeches, including I’ve been to the mountaintop’ that are unique to his voice.

Your brand also needs a voice. That’s the way you communicate with people within and outside your organization. 

The words you use (voice) and how you say them (tone) must reflect your personality.

Also, take into consideration the background of your target audiences and craft your messages accordingly. 

For example, the way you chat with the youth is different from how you talk with the older folks. Know when to use emojis and memes.

The trap in recent times is jumping on the hashtag wagon. Brands are in desperate need of exposure, causing them to use any hashtag or meme that trends. 

Be sure the hashtag aligns with the value of your brand so you don’t appear desperate or muddy yourself when you should be wearing those clean naval suits.

Of course, your choice of words and tone of voice could change according to occasions or platforms, but your core value remains the same.