Twitter Fleets going away in a balloon

Twitter Fleets is dead, finally

Twitter says goodbye to fleets. And it’s deservedly so.

A man is screaming at his audience

Effective Communication – Stop Screaming At Your Audience

Our preachers are screaming their heads off on podiums in church and on the streets.

Our politicians are screaming their unrealistic promises on radio, TV and social media.

We are all screaming, fighting to be heard first. It all culminates into a clangour of voices that crowd out great ideas.

Jerry John Rawlings wearing a military attire

Rawlings – You Couldn’t Ignore The Man

He was the president when I was growing up. Once in a while, he and his convoy drove through the village. And we lined the streets chanting his name. Some of us kids barely had any shirt on. With sheeny little tummies bulging out like baseballs, we squealed and waved till we almost lost our voice.