Social Media Growth – Engage With Followers

Using phone to engage with followers

By fiifi DZANSI

Humans are social beings. 

This is why we want to live in communities, form relationships and have a sense of belonging. 

Social media platforms make it easy to satisfy this need online.

Engagement is what puts ‘social’ in social media. 

When you engage with your followers, they know a human is behind that computer or mobile phone who deeply cares about them.

But how do you engage with your followers? 

Make use of questions. This is the best way to get people talking. Sometimes after posting your content, ask your followers what they think. 

Host a contest. We love competitions, and winning makes us feel good about ourselves. And don’t forget to reward the winners.

Send Shoutouts. Greet your followers using their individual handles. When a follower achieves a milestone, congratulate them. In addition, if you realise a follower is having difficulty with a particular task, you could offer suggestions.

Above all, your goal is to form a relationship with your followers. So your reactions to their questions, comments and DMs should be unique to each individual and not generic.