The sanbel school cloth design



A Humble beginning. 

In 2003 Zipporah founded the Sanbel Brainy kids school. It started in just a room in their home. Eventually, it grew from nursery to Junior high with hundreds of students. 

The goal was to provide quality and affordable education to children in the community.

To stand out or die out. 

Kasoa is considered by some as Accra’s dormitory. Many residents of this city work in the capital. 

Because there are few public schools in Kasoa, a need arose for private schools to fill the gap.

Hence, the Myriads of private schools.

My challenge was to design an identity that communicates clearly the sort of education it offers and the environment it provides.

The cub can roar too.

The Sanbel Brainy kids school does not boast magnificent buildings. Her students are not much compared to others.

Many schools in Kasoa do not take branding seriously. Most of them have crests made of elements picked from the web. And their image is not precisely defined.

What is in the name?

First, I worked with the management to change the name from Sanbel Brainy Kids to The Sanbel School. The reason? The ‘brainy’ in there could be an irony for not being intelligent. And kids do not like to be called kids, do they? 

Sanbel is a carved from Sandra and Belinda, the names of the Founder’s daughters.