Cursed By COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit the world, our lives took an unexpected turn. I remember visiting downtown Accra during the peak of the lockdowns, and the city was dead quiet. The once hyperactive city was lifeless. Unbelievable! It felt as if the world had come to an end.

All of us were affected by the curse of this disease. My design work screeched to a sudden halt. Some businesses took a pause, and sadly some of my friends lost their jobs.

I could not bear to listen to or watch the news. Because I got fed up with news of death, suffering and misery.

Clawing Out Of Ruins

Fast forward to 2022. We are rebuilding our lives brick by brick from the grounds up with the remains of our ruins. Those fortunate to be among the living have the mammoth task of getting ourselves back to where we used to be or better.

Being There For Each Other.

We need the support of others to succeed. Friends, family and well-wishers can be there for us and lend us the backing we need. Help, though, can come from many forms – monetary, encouragement, and inspiration, among others.

Words Last Forever

I was inspired to create this type-inspired project by human resilience. Humans have been able to bounce back from several calamities, such as Spanish influenza and two world wars. All these challenges change the way we live in the future.

Words are a powerful tool we use to lift up the human spirit. This is why many wise quotes, speeches, and essays have been saved so we can refer to them when in need.

I used several short phrases that have the capability to up the spirit of others. I want people to see the artworks and feel a sense of love, care and upliftment. All the typography is crafted carefully to have the flavour of my African heritage. By using simple shapes, patterns, textures and bold colours – I hope to give life to the words.

Perhaps these words could jump right from the pages to the heart.

What It All Means

More Vim is a common expression in Ghana. We use it to garner support and encourage people to stand up for their beliefs. You’ve got to be bold and keep your spirit high to achieve anything worthwhile.

More Wisdom. Who doesn’t need this? The end product of knowledge is wisdom. Knowledge abounds in our digital age. Whatever we wish to do, we can find information for. Application of knowledge breeds success.

More Glory. We are all winners in one way or another. Life gets bland and discouraging when we don’t have the glory at the end of our zealous input. Do your best. And pour yourself into your work. Glorious days will be yours. 

More Favour. I believe strongly in the human network. We depend on each other in times of need. Broaden your network of friends. Be a reliable, dependable person, and people will open doors of opportunities for you when you need them.

More Guts. I know we can get tired sometimes. The hustle through the system can leave us beaten down. We may be afraid at times. But to face our challenges and successfully overcome them, we need courage. We can’t let our spirit wither. Even if you’re afraid, do it anyways.

More Grace. The way we move. The flair with which we approach life must be gracious. It attracts goodness to us.

More Joy. It’s ok to pause from time to time to enjoy the things we’ve worked for. Gather with family or friends, talk with each other and have a good time. It releases stress and bonds us together.

More Life. The most essential thing in our existence is life. With life, there’s so much we can achieve. So take care of your life. Eat well. Exercise. Have enough sleep. 

more joy artwork


more wisdom artwork




More guts artwork


More glory artwork


More favor artwork


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