Over-bargaining kills business

By fiifi DZANSI

Under the sweltering sun, Kwame paces back and forth, desperately calling out customers to come to buy his stuff.

He’s not sold anything for days. His two children were dismissed from school because he couldn’t pay their fees.

Many conflicting thoughts racing through his mind at this moment.

To quit for something else or not.

Suddenly, a Range Rover pulls up in front of him. A man with a potbelly comes out.
“How much is that?” asks the man. “
“Only 50.” Replied Kwame.
“No. I can only pay 10.” The man yells.

Kwame will lose by settling for such a mediocre amount. His products are of high quality, and he spends so much time sourcing them.

This is the only customer he’s had for days. Letting him go will be painful. But the man is adamant and presses on.

Kwame weeps.

This is the dilemma of many freelancers in our part of the world. It’s either the client wants to pay so low or with exposure.

Paying low results in a loss.
Exposure, on the other hand, never pays the bills.

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