Money we pay to others to ruin the Earth

I’m fortunate to stay at the outskirts of town. The scenery is breathtaking. In the mornings, a thin translucent fog spreads a thin sheet over hills and trees all around…

Dung beetle will focus on one thing it does well

When beginning a business, focus on a product or service. Concentrate on that for a while. Become excellent at what you do and gain a good reputation.

A woman in the spotlight

If you work in a team, let people know the contributions of the other members – from the janitor to the manager. Everyone deserves praise when they do well.

A man flies in the skies though with limitations

Humans have several limitations. We must not allow these to bring destitution but rather move us to create.

A failed system fuels corruption

People become corrupt when the system let them.

In Ghana, you could spend up to eight hours to have your data collected for your passport. It’s the same for driver’s license and voters ID cards.

A beautiful woman with afro hair

A woman is walking down the street to work. She wears very tight-fitting clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination. With every step, her behind swings from here to there. And the sunlight glows through her long synthetic Brazilian hair.

Portrait of a man with no confidence

I watched the Steve Jobs movie (probably for the 10th time). It amazed me how Steve saw himself as the real deal even when he had not made any computer yet.

A group of canoes with freedom to be

Many define freedom differently.
To some, freedom means the absence of way and tyranny.
For others, it’s the ability to become whatever they desire.

A fist puches a face in revenge

Blockbuster movies almost always end in revenge.

A villain attacks a town. He destroys properties, kills some people and takes others as a hostage to a hideaway place. Far in the jungle.

A penguin is going to sell his ideas with guts

Selling doesn’t come easy because it’s so much work. You need to create a detailed buyer persona. And identify where your potential buyer may be. Then you talk to them, hoping to persuade them to buy.