are you ready for work?

Are You Really, Really, Really Ready For Work?

Ready to solve a client’s problem? The way you present yourself to a client would determine whether they’d love to do business with you again.

be the source of your own happiness

Be The Source Of Your Own Happiness

Happiness is when you feel grateful for all the good things – no matter how small – you have in your life. You’re the only one to make yourself happy.

How To Become The Most Powerful President In The World

(Comic) To become the most powerful president in the world requires a lot of preparation for this boy. He takes some drastic measures that’d stun you.


When In Need Be like A Dog, Not A Cat

My dog teaches us a very important lesson in life. We must accept certain less desirable opportunities at the moment to help us plan for a bright future.

Persevere – Keep Showing Up And They’ll Accept You

Persevere through your struggle. To get people to embrace your idea, product or service is hard work. It’s only when you give up that you fail.

promise only what you can give

Promise Only What You Can Give

A promise is sacred so you must hold it carefully. Honour your words at all times and it’ll help you build a great reputation as an entrepreneur

answer your phone calls

Answer Your Phone Even If You’re Busy

It can be a challenge to answer your phone calls promptly. Especially when you’re busy working or in an important meeting.


Don’t Get Trapped On A Monday

Bad habits can get you trapped. Though you may be good at your work, you can become highly ineffective because of self-destructive habits.


How To Be The Leader That Changes The World

[Slides] If you’re a leader or aspiring to be one, there’re valuable lessons to learn from “lean on me” – the classic movie released in 1989.

Girl, It’s Never Too Late To Be A Woman, Have Hope

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in life, where you feel nothing is working for you, and that you may never make it? Keep hope alive.

phone call

Handling A phone Call And Receiving A Client

Handling a phone call and at the same time receiving a new client in your shop can be a real challenge. Learn how to do it right.

Greet people you meet

Greet All The People You Meet On Your Way

In our culture, greeting people you meet is a way of building trust, showing respect and cultivating lasting friendships. This shouldn’t be viewed as a waste of time and being inquisitive.

Business ideas

Business Ideas – How To Make Them Work

Business ideas are so easy to come by. But you don’t have to implement all of them at the same time. Focus on offering one service or product at a time.

people pay attention to those who are different

People Pay Attention To Those Who Are Different

People pay attention to those who are different in various ways. Don’t be discouraged if you’re different and people stare at you all the time. Use that to your advantage.


Do We Really Need Independence?

Independence in the absolute sense is impossible. It has eluded people for years. In the end, we all have to depend on certain things in life.


Afrobloggers, thank you

Afrobloggers have been so amazing for organizing the #WinterABC. This exciting blogging exercise brought many African bloggers together.

read our blog

4 Reasons You Must Read Our Blog Daily

Read our blog daily. We post an article on our blog daily to inspire, motivate and move you to bring your dream to reality.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin – Keeping It Simple, Understandable, and Cool

Seth Godin is a writer and blogger among other things. He posts an article on his blog each day. He keeps it Simple, Understandable and Cool.

Success takes time

Success Takes Time

Success takes time. Whenever you feel things are moving slowly for you, remember slow progress is better than no progress at all

Keep hustling hard

Keep Hustling Hard – It Will Happen Soon

Keep hustling hard no matter the challenges you face in life. Never give up in the face of adversity and you’ll make it soon.

blue skies

Blue Skies – A Brand That Cares For Humanity

Blue Skies is a brand known for producing high-quality fruit juice to many people. Here are some 3 lessons you can learn from their success

showing hospitality

Hospitality Requires The Ultimate Sacrifice

Hospitality is a way of showing how much we care about people. It requires so much sacrifice sometimes. But the reward is great.

Ways to take care of mental health

10 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Never get too busy to neglect your mental health. Taking care of your mental health helps to keep you active and productive

Consider unpopular opinions as feedback

Unpopular Opinions – How To Handle Them In Business

Unpopular opinions abound in today’s digital age. The internet makes it possible for anyone, wherever they live to express themselves in a way they wish

African literature for the entrepreneur

5 African Literature To Make You A Better Entrepreneur

African literature is well endowed with many lessons and symbolism that provoke the mind and leave you asking questions that awaken the inner consciousness.

Blame no one for your mistakes

Blame No One – Why It’s Good To Take Responsibility

Blame no one. We’re all quick to find someone to pin the blame on whenever something goes wrong. However, it’s best to always accept our mistakes.

Showing gratitude brings favours

Cultivate A Culture Of Gratitude

A culture of Gratitude at the workplace is a virtue. When introduced, it may go a long way to bring in new clients and maintain existing ones.

Taking trotro in ghana

Get The Best Out Of Your Trotro Ride

Trotro though sometimes annoying to take, can be a place to come up with some of the great ideas you can use for business now.

failure is essential to success

Failure Is The New Success

Failure is essential to success. If you have never failed at something, it means you’ve never given it a try. Failure builds you up

Africa Union must save Sudan

Dear AU, Save Sudan

5 African kids who inspire creativity

5 African Kids Who Inspire Creativity

Many kids in African are contributing their bit to help make the continent a better place. Here are 5 of them who became famous on the internet

Blogging in Africa

3 Most Creative Blogs In Ghana

Blogging has come a long way in Africa. We’ve listed three of the most creative blogs in Ghana to keep your creative juice flowing.

A girl reads about Africa

The Africa You Never Get to Know About

Africa is a dynamic continent that eludes many. The continent has some amazing values that help people to cope with life’s anxieties

The savanna in Africa

A Voice From The Savanna (a letter from home)

The African continent awaits all who have left, to come home to all her beauties. These are good times to return and contribute

Internet connectivity in Africa

The Internet In Africa-Affordability, Availability, Accountability

The internet in Africa has its own challenges in some 3 key areas – affordability, availability, accountability. Make the most of it while you can.

the internet and blogging are like porridge

Dear young ones, blogging and the internet are like porridge

Blogging and the internet work hand in hand. They’re great ways of reaching out to a vast audience. With good internet, we can do a lot with our blogs

Life of the writer

10 Powerful Reasons Why You Must Start Blogging Now

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to make your voice heard in the era we live in. Be consistent and you’ll reap results.

illustration mojaka branding

What’s Your Dream Business?

learning new things

Not Learning New Things Is Making Your Life Suck

Learning new things in life helps you to improve your skills at all levels. The distractions are many but when you have discipline you can learn.

illustration typography mojaka lettering

Three Things I Will Do For No Pay

Are you planning on doing some work aside from your day job for no pay? Consider reading this article to see how that can be beneficial to you.

illustration mojaka branding type lettering

Take That Bold Step

Many people have big ideas. However, only a few are able to bring their ideas to reality. We show you here how not to be afraid of taking that bold step.

All We Need Is Footbridge

Learn Hard, Work Smart

mojaka type illustration typography

Humour Makes Life Bearable

vodafone icons 2018 mojaka bogo play illustration artwork art

Vodafone Icons 2018 ‘Rep Ur Hood Edition’ – A Lesson Of Storytelling, Humour and Originality

design mojaka

Embrace Digital Illustration

animation art mojaka brand


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