man walking on convenient footbridge in Ghana

If It’s Convenient Enough, People Would Use It

Nobody likes to use complex products. We don’t sign up for complicated services. That’s why your products and services must be convenient

promise what you can give

Promise Only What You Can Give

A promise is sacred, so hold it carefully.
Honour your words at all times and build a good reputation as an entrepreneur.

Woman with gun going for a revenge

Revenge Is Sweet and The Consequences Are Bitter

It takes a lot of resources and time and energy to take revenge on copycats. Also, it diverts your attention from focusing on your game.

Jose Mourinho becomes manager of Tottenham Hotspur

What If Presidents Were Appointed Like Football Managers?

José Mourinho becomes manager of Tottenham Hotspur football club. Presidents may perform better if they’re appointed like football managers

Bernard Avle

How the Joy Super Morning Show Lost Her Crown To Citi Breakfast Show – A Battle for Supremacy

The Citi Breakfast Show through its hard work, creativity and ingenuity becomes one of the most relevant morning shows on the airwaves in Ghana.

Vodafone Icons 2018 ‘Rep Ur Hood Edition’ – A Lesson Of Storytelling, Humour and Originality

Vodafone Icons 2018 ‘Rep Ur Hood Edition gives you many valuable lessons you can learn as an entrepreneur

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