Dung beetle will focus on one thing it does well


A friend once told me about a business idea he’s been brooding over for years. There were several services and products he planned to offer at the same time. The business had not begun, but it was already a conglomerate on paper.

Business ideas are so easy to come by. Nobody taxes your thoughts nor charge you money for them.

As you come up with an idea and are trying to implement it, another promising one creeps in. 

Trying to do so many things at a time is a trap that smoulders progress.

An idea is a baby demanding constant care and attention. After it grows up well to a point before another can be conceived.

When beginning a business, focus on a product or service. Concentrate on that for a while. Become excellent at what you do and gain a good reputation. Any other product or service you introduce later has a greater chance of succeeding.

Google commenced as a search engine.

Apple started with computers.

Amazon began as an online bookstore.

What if your fountain of ideas never dries up?

Write or doodle all new ideas and stack them on the shelf for the future.