A cute baby pleading for favor

Firstborns are an experiment – a parents’ first time raising another human. With no prior experience, they may consult how-to books; speak with family and friends on parenting. 

Some advice could work. Others would backfire.

Usually, in Africa, firstborns help their parents to raise other children when they come along. They take them to and from school, feed, bathe and babysit them. Sometimes, firstborns do all the parenting while parents spend most of their time at work.

Unfortunately for firstborns, they can miss out on all the fun that comes with childhood when this happens. 

On the other hand, parents in time are more likely to become better.

Starting A business 

Your first business is liable to failure because it’s your experiment. Maybe a practical entrepreneurship school where you learn the necessary skills needed to run a successful business.

First, you read books written by entrepreneurs who dropped out of college, started businesses in the garage to become all-knowing billionaires. Then you watch tutorials, listen to podcasts and attend events all around town. 

You could apply all the knowledge you acquired or work the hardest, but your business may become unsuccessful. 

Don’t despair when your first or second business fails. It may be time to start a new one.