Early Adopter – First Come, First Served

First come first served - an early adopter

By fiifi DZANSI

An early adopter gets to see the light first. We live in a first-come, first-served society.

My grandparents were able to build in Accra all because they were among the early settlers.

In those days, the land was cheap and easy to acquire. Accra was vastly bushland.

For my generation, unless you’re one of the rich kids in the country, you can’t obtain land in the principal suburbs of the city.

People who joined social media in the early days of its inception, and were consistent, now have massive followers who believe in their brands.

Now, unless you’re a famous figure, it’s arduous to get such quality followers. It takes time. It may take years.

Mtn was the first to start mobile money services in Ghana. They’ve since become number one in the mobile money business. They may have done some things right. One of their strong points is that they started first.

Be on the lookout for new tech. Jump on immediately you spot a window of opportunity.

Being an early adopter of a product or starting something first may be scary. It’s a game that could be lost. However, when you succeed, the rewards lead to glory.

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