Portrait of a man with no confidence

Lack of confidence makes losers.

I saw a football game between Swansea and Man City over the weekend and was stunned by the performance pulled by the former in the first half.

In that unforgettable first half, Swansea outplayed, outpaced and outclassed Man City. They led 2:0.

There was a small voice inside me saying that Swansea would throw it all away in the second half. And they did. They lost 3:2. The cause? Small-Team mentality. Thinking too little of oneself and thereby missing clear opportunities to shine. Lack of confidence.

I’ve met entrepreneurs starting out who thought too little of themselves. And wavered when in front of the top dogs. They described themselves as the up and coming somethings. Or the amateurs. 

But who believes in novices?

Immediately after the football match, I watched the Steve Jobs movie (probably for the 10th time). It amazed me how Steve saw himself as the real deal even when he had not made any computer yet. 

Though he started Apple in the garage of his parents, he believed.

How to gain the Big-Team mentality

Steve didn’t have the best idea or a finished product. But he was lit from the beginning and put Apple out there. He accepted challenges before he figured out how to deal with them. 

Enthusiasm, confidence, passion and faith are what led him on. Clearly, this is what makes all the difference. Speak with confidence and be the motivator of your team. Act like an adult with a business mentality. 

Let people know you are up to something revolutionary – and it should be.