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Phone Etiquette – What to do when a client walks in while you’re in the middle of a call

I recently walked in a store to get some groceries. The shop attendant was in the middle of a phone call tittering and giggling every now and again. I stood there for minutes trying to get her attention. She waved to me as if to say ” My man, park yourself in that corner…I’m having a conversation with my lover in America.”

I felt very disrespected so I left.

So what do you do when you’re in the middle of an important phone call and a client walks in?

First, tell the person on the line to hold on a second. Then quickly turn to the client who just walked in and tell them that they’re welcome, they should have a seat and that you’d be with them shortly. Return to the phone call and do your best to wrap up immediately. 

Now, after hanging up the phone, welcome the client again and thank them for their patience. And carry on with the rest.

Remember to always smile.

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